Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thank You!

           Now that Listen Up! has officially come to an end, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this show possible over the past four years and give some background on how the show came to fruition. 
           The idea for Listen Up originated on a random restless night where I couldn't sleep. Laying in my bed, I thought of potential ways to both continue my sports broadcasting career and share my love of sports with the outside world. It did not take long before the idea for a sports talk podcast came to mind. I knew, however, that if I was to start to podcast, I couldn't do it alone. When thinking of who would make a great partner/co-host, the thought process was quick and the choice was clear; my longtime friend Scott Heineman. If you know me or Scott at all, you know very well about our love and passion for sports, and that we like to talk about it...a lot. 
           The morning after I thought of starting this podcast, I pitched the idea to Scott. Without any hesitation Scott was in, and almost instantly, we were off and running. Without any representatives or booking agents on our side, Scott and I were able to secure many high profile guests, ranging from Professional Athletes, to Musical Artists, to Actors, and so on. 
           No, our show did not become the most popular podcast of all time or launch us into stardom, but that was never the point.  The show was by no means a failure. We earned a substantial Facebook fan following and garnered listeners from all over the world, touching every single continent with the exception of Antarctica, all of this while spending our time recording the show in deluxe "studios" like random local Community College classrooms, local Library study rooms, and our own apartments. Once a week I got to talk sports and have fun with a good friend and share that with the world, and that was plenty for both us.
           For 207 consecutive weeks we kept this show going, despite other jobs and obligations, and that is something that I'm very proud of. Sometimes the process of doing a show every single week, no matter what the circumstance, felt tedious, but not once during those four years did Scott and I ever have any arguments or disagreements about the process. That is a testament to our friendship and the basic reason why the show worked as well as it did. 
          Along with Scott, so many others helped the development of the show. From all the great guests you show to the right side of the website to all the great friends who helped out, this show was much more than just Scott and I. 
          Romtin Parvaresh, a mutual best friend of both Scott and I, not only appeared on the show numerous times, but he created the Listen Up! logo and helped us with content and our YouTube commercials as well. Omar Spahi lent his help in growing our Facebook and Twitter following, appeared on the show multiple times, and let us use his place for our final episodes. Marcus Kirkwood created the Listen Up! theme song, producing the beat, writing, and rapping the opening song which kicked off nearly all of our episodes. Everyone in my family was helpful, from my Parents, to my sisters Alana and Cleo, my Cousin Mallory and my Cousin Petey, who appeared on the show multiple times. Tricia Murphy-Kennelly, Nicole Lew, Jesse Behr, Wes Louie, Jon Finer, Jamie & Serena Shaevel, Tom McLaughlin, George Fuchs, Kevin Cooke, Harlow Sharp, David Hasid,  Sabrina Dahan, Eric Rotelli, Anthony Mayes and many others all made an impact and helped out with the show in some capacity. Thank you all for the help and support throughout the years. Finally, thanks to the thousands of fans who tuned in from all over the world. You made this show possible and kept it going!
          While the show is sadly coming to an end, the constant sports talk and debate between Scott and I, along with all our friends, will certainly continue. Thanks again to everyone for all the support, and thanks for Listening Up! Peeeeace!
- Jesse Kass

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