Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Listen Up! Episode 53 (1 Year Anniversary Show) up now!

In Episode 53 of Listen Up! hosts Jesse Kass & Scott Heineman celebrate the show's 1 year anniversary by providing the most loaded show to date. Hip-Hop Icon and Star MURS comes on the show to talk about music, his new album, and his love of sports. MURS' song "316 Ways" from his new album is played. Then NBA Legend Gary Payton returns to the show to talk about the NFL, the NBA Lockout, David Stern, College Basketball, his son, and more. The hosts then break down the NBA Lockout, the past week in College Football & the NFL, and discuss some Fantasy Football. After this, the hosts break down the World Series and give their final predictions on the series. In honor of the 1 year anniversary of the show, the hosts play several games including "Would You Rather?", "True or False", "Have a Toast", & "Are You Bob Surius?" Call of the week and a special thank you closes out the show.


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